Leistungen - Notfallmanagement

Better safe than sorry: Next IT Disaster Recovery


Even smaller system failures may considerably disturb business processes and thus lead to costly damage. To avoid a system failure caused by water, fire, sabotage or similar events resulting in a disaster for your company, we cooperate with you to develop a Business Continuity Management plan providing for short recovery times for your business processes and protection from a loss of your most valuable assets your business and customer data.


Our services:

  • Analysis of the core business processes and operational risks
  • Risk analysis of existing IT and communication infrastructures
  • Consideration of legal and organisational settings
  • Definition of required Business Continuity Management measures
  • Classification of Business Continuity Management measures as cold, warm and hot solutions
  • Design, planning and testing of Business Continuity Management measures all from a single provider
  • Creation of a Business Continuity Management Guide with reference to statutory requirements
  • Coordination of Business Continuity Management exercises between IT and operating departments
  • Coordination of interfaces to partners, suppliers and service providers